Why Action First?


Why take Action, First? Our philosophy is simple.  In order to accomplish anything in life, we must take action, and often that means before we are completely ready.  When  starting something new is important, we cannot wait for the perfect circumstances or for all the planets to align.  If we truly desire change, we must take action, even if we do not know the route to its ultimate accomplishment.  We must simply, begin.  All it takes is starting from exactly where you are and “making one small move, so the next can appear.”

As my client, you can expect that I will focus heavily on doing.  Real change doesn’t come from talking.  After just our first session, we will have created at least one concrete “small move” to make in order to begin changing your life.  As a coach, its my responsibility to ensure that you have the tools necessary to accomplish that small move, and also hold you accountable to your own desires.

As a client of mine, you will understand the interconnectivity of overall health and wellness on our ability to create action.  With all of my coaching clients, exercise and nutrition play a key role in the foundation of their change.  I will help you take responsibility and control of your life and actions and celebrate with you as that new found sense of control becomes a cornerstone of confidence and empowerment.

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