What is Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”The International Coaching Federation


In my own words I believe Coaching is a relationship between ME and YOU that is at its very core designed to change your life! Maybe not your entire life all at one time, maybe just some small piece that is bothering you. We work together for YOUR benefit.  Unlike a conversation between two friends, a coaching session is designed with ONLY you in mind.  I come ready with different activities that help structure our conversation and you can expect that I will challenge you with thoughtful, provocative questions tailored for your specific needs.  You will develop tangible strategies and tactics that will truly help you change your future.   You will cultivate new confidence that will serve you throughout each day as you move forward.

Our sessions may be light hearted and full of laughter, or more difficult as we delve into areas of your life that might be challenging.  Either way I will be with you as a source of support, inspiration, and enthusiasm.  I come from a place of no judgement and our conversations are always 100% confidential.

Coaching is not for everyone. Everyone can benefit from a coaching relationship, however, just as it is important to understand what coaching is, its important to know what it is  not.  Coaching is not therapy.  A coach is not a  psychologist.  As a coach, I retain the right to limit our conversations to stay within my scope of practice.  If at any time I feel that a client requires the assistance of a psychologist, I will gladly make a referral.   Generally speaking, coaching is constantly looking ahead and forward, as opposed to analyzing and evaluating the past.

2155000As a Certified Professional Success Coach and graduate of the Success Coach Institute© I hold myself to a strict Code of Ethics.  Click here to view the entire Code of Ethics statement.

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