Sarah M. Goldman, CPSC,RRCA Certified Running Coach

Talking SarahI have been a working professional in the helping fields for nearly 15 years. Having spent time as both a professional Firefighter/EMT and a Police Officer I have been continuously challenged and faced with making critical decisions.  My career in public safety has taught me about resilience, the necessity of maintaining a positive attitude, and what it takes to be strong, tough, and confident all while maintaining a personal sense of kindness, warmth, and understanding.

As a Certified Professional Success Coach, I enjoy working with clients that  feel something is missing in their life.  I love to hear the words, “Ive always wanted to do X, but…” because I know that by working together, I can help clients turn their wanted to, into I have.  I work with clients to eradicate self-limiting beliefs through the deliberate pursuit of things that are hard.  I focus on helping my clients become empowered by connecting to and developing their personal strength, so that they can understand what its like to be in the right fit, firing on all cylinders and kicking ass.

Coaching multisport athletes who choose to focus not only physical, but also mental training is my specialty.  As a Road Runners of America Certified Running Coach, I create custom training plans for athletes that are tackling everything from the Couch to 5k or improving half or full distance marathon times.

I derive my own strength from maintaining a high level of physical fitness which allows me to spend time exploring and competing in the mountains.  As an avid Adventure Racer, I spend extended periods of time in the outdoors running, mountain biking, paddling, getting lost and found!   Adventure Racing compliments a lifetime of wilderness pursuits that includes international mountaineering trips to climb tall peaks, rock and ice climbing, and high altitude trekking.  I  draw on a lifetime of experience to write fully customized training programs for athletes seeking out physical challenge whether it be a 5k or a mountaineering expedition.

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