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At Action First, I offer a unique blend of both Mindset and MultiSport coaching.  While, my services are available separately, I encourage all of my clients to take advantage of this unique combination.

SONY DSCMindset coaching is done over the phone, or using free web based video conferencing software like Skype. We can try the tin can method, but I’m not sure that I’ll have a long enough string.  Meeting in person isn’t off the table, but I’ve found that its easier to coordinate schedules when you just have to pick up the phone or log on to your computer.

You can expect a Mindset coaching session to last between 45-75 minutes depending on the topics that we are covering and the ability to be flexible with our schedules.   During yourmac-glasses free introductory 30 minute coaching session  we will start to discover the main topics that will guide our sessions.  In order to be most effective, coaching takes time and commitment.  For best results, expect to work together for 2-4 months.  During the initial few weeks we will meet at least once per week, but as time goes on, expect to meet every other week.

MultiSport Coaching is done not only over the phone but also using the top of the line coaching software Training Peaks.  Every two weeks you will see new workouts loaded into your personal Training Peaks page.  These will be created by me and unique just for you.  Using the software we can communicate directly about your workouts.  Im available at all times for email questions regarding your training.

Combination Mindset and MultiSport coaching packages include not only fully customized training plans, but 1 on 1 conversations with me either weekly or every other week. While we will talk about your training, the main focus will be on developing your Mindset within the framework of training.


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