Mindset and MultiSport Coaching

Coaching for the mind and the body! Chose one or both.

Grit and Resilience Development

Coaching focused on personal growth, attitude and change management.

Custom Training Programs

Individualized training plans for your next event or adventure. Accountability. Customization. Support. Success.

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What you start, you will finish.

Ready to be doing something that feels right? Is it time for a mindset shift? Or time to tackle your first big race? Searching for a little guidance on how to master your goals and take back control of your life? I’m glad you are here. Action First’s unique coaching style includes both Mindset and MultiSport Coaching. Pick one, or better yet both and start moving towards success.

Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching
Mindset is our attitude and how we interpret what happens around us and to us. Does your current mindset serve you?

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching
Fully customizable training plans for your next event or adventure! 5k to Big Mountain.

Put it All Together

Put it All Together
Together, Mindset and Performance Coaching ensures that what you start, you will finish. Ready to begin?

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